Meet the Breeder

Hi! I’m Donna with Donna’s Doodlebugs!

 My husband and I met a goldendoodle for the first time while we were weekending in Granbury, Texas in 2013. We were captivated by his amazing temperament, intelligence, and lovability! THEN we learned that he was non-shedding too!!! What?!? It felt like a dream!
We quickly discovered after some research back in our hotel, that it would be an investment, one that we were so excited to make! But not yet…someday.
A short time later, I found a picture of a beautiful goldendoodle with curly red hair in a magazine just like the one I had dreamed of getting one day. I cut it out and put it on our refrigerator to remind me that “someday” would eventually come.
After several years of preparation and waiting, we got our first goldendoodle named Willow! We added Winnie to our pack less than a year later, because we thought,  “What could be better than having a goldendoodle?  Having TWO goldendoodles of course!”  Later, we started calling them our “Doodlebugs” because they loved riding with us in our Volkswagen Bug convertible so much, and we loved sharing that joy with others, as we drove on by.. And  that’s the story of our beginning.
Today, we find so much joy in raising these little bundles of doodles. We converted our dining room in the center of our house, to “The Puppery” . This allows us to love on and socialize each of our little doodlebugs in the heart of our home.
With Peace, Love, and Doodles,
Donna Thurber